Britney Spears Posted Another Hot Bikini Selfie, But THIS Time There’s No Photoshop Involved



We all remember last week when Britney Spears (or someone on her PR team) Photoshopped the shit outta one of her bikini photos. And while the Internet was quick to rip her to shreds on how janky of an edit she did, it at least means that we know when Britney is looking fake versus when she’s looking real.

So, now that we’re all trained Britney Spears Photoshop watchdogs, I’m going to throw out there that I’m thinking the following photo is definitely unedited:

Yep, just Britney in her natural habitat, as opposed to this weird manufactured triangle she’s got going on behind her lower back here. See how there’s no stone pathway continuing through from the right? Yeah, not so hot of a Photoshop job:

At least none of her most recent photos look anywhere NEAR that blatantly edited though: