Britney Spears Is Getting A Lot Of Crap Over What Looks Like A Picture That’s Been Photoshopped To Hell And Back

The reason people love Britney Spears is because despite her meltdown back in the mid 00’s and the fact that she’s a pop star, girl seems to be pretty down to earth. Not only is she a vocal critic of Photoshop, but she’s managed to last over two decades in an industry that chews people up and spits them out as pre-packaged commodities for the masses to buy up in droves. And yet, Britney is still her own person, not just some piece of meat for tweens to gobble down.

So what the fuck is this supposed to be?

Specifically, check out how there’s water in the gap underneath her back where there should logically be stone instead.

Lady, YOU know you don’t look like that, and I know you don’t look like that, so why are you trying to fool BOTH of us into believing you look like that? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…

…literally none of your Instagram photos support that blatant lie either.

As expected, the Internet quickly caught the gaffe and started talking shit:

Next time, just don’t upload the photo if you think it needs such drastic editing. Or just don’t upload bikini pics; the world will keep turning without them, believe it or not.