Britney Spears Basically Wore A Pair Of Panties At The Billboard Music Awards

Oh how we do love us some Brit-Brit. Ever since we first laid eyes on Britney Spears up til this very day she has always been one of our faves.

She just has always known how to press our buttons. Even back when she went through that whole public meltdown thing where she shaved her head there was still something that kept us smitten with her.

Fast forward to last night at the Billboard Music Awards and our Britney was once again bringing it STRONG even now as a almost 35-year-old mother of two.

Granted, Ciara’s red carpet look stole the show. We definitely down to the queen of the evening for her sideboob-revealing outfit, but we certainly don’t want to sleep on what Britney had on either. Girl showed up basically wearing a pair of sexy panties. That’s how you keep our attention right there.

Of course, as we’ve seen many times recently, Spears still has the smoking hot body to pull just about any look off. And pull it off she did. Damn…

Her outfit on stage during the show was nothing to sneeze at either. CRAZY HOT…