Cameron Diaz Oogles Over Kate Upton’s T and A In a New ‘Other Woman’ Clip

Big news day for Cameron Diaz following the red-band trailer release for Sex Tape. Feel like it’s the biggest Cameron Diaz day in years. I guess that’s because she’s also co-starring in The Other Woman, a ROM-com about a scumbag boyfriend that will mark Kate Upton’s silver screen debut (spoiler alert: She’s The Other Woman).  In a clip that just dropped today, Diaz’s character does some oogling over Kate Upton’s boobs and butt during a trip to the beach.

Look. Let’s cut the bullshit. The only reason you’re here right now is for Kate Upton’s jiggling body parts. It’s nice to have those sweater puppies back in our lives. So enjoy them in the clip below:

[H/T: Uproxx]

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