Supermodel Candice Swanepoel Fell HARD On The Runway At New York Fashion Week

Candice Swanepoel had no shortage of male assistance after her fall.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel was walking the runway this weekend for Givenchy at New York Fashion Week when, whoa Nelly, down she goes!

No idea how she could have possibly fallen given that the shoes she was wearing looked like they provided literally zero ankle support, but you know, fashion.

She handled it pretty well though, even throwing in one of those bows you do when you know you just embarrassed the hell out of yourself in front of a whole bunch of people (and the Internet).

Luckily she only suffered minor scrapes and as she put it, a bruised ego.

She wasn’t the only one to take a header either. Model Pooja Mor took a way worse tumble than Candice as she did her trip and fall on the stairs, ouch (0:19 mark).

Oh, and Swanepoel still looks like this, even after the fall, so yeah, it’s all good.