‘Suicide Squad’ Star Cara Delevingne Gets Half-Naked, All Sexy For The New Puma Campaign

The last time we checked on former model of the year and one of the only decent things about Suicide Squad, Cara Delevingne, she was naked.

Needless to say, we enjoyed that very much and it certainly didn’t do anything to hurt the movie’s somewhat surprising box office success.

Now, she’s back with another promotion, and is often the case these days, it involves her wearing very little clothing as a part of it.


Here are some more shots and videos from the camapaign featuring Cara, some are better than others…



I do have it to hand it to Puma here. When you lock up ladies like Cara Delevingne, Nina Agdal and Rihanna to market your products you might actually be on to something.

See what I mean?

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