Carrie Underwood And Her Legendary Legs Stole The Show At The American Country Countdown Awards

Carrie Underwood, for my money, has the best legs in the business. And I mean any business, not just show business.

Sure, she also looks terrific in a bikini, but those legs, man, those legs…

I don’t know whether she was just blessed with great genes or has some special exercises that she does, but I’ve yet to see a better pair of stems in recent memory.

For further evidence I present to you some photos of Underwood at something called the American Country Countdown Awards (no idea) which took place this weekend.

Not only was Carrie looking good on the red carpet she changed outfits three times, and with each change those legs continued to be the stars of the show.

First she showed up wearing this outfit, which was kind of weird but the top half was definitely working…

Then she went into full-on leg mode and it was all over for anyone else in attendance…

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