Charli XCX Totally Naked Except For A Burglar Mask Might Pique Your Interest Especially If You Have A Home Invader Fetish

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💖❤️ after the afterparty… we're gonna keep it going… ❤️💖

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Charli XCX has a new single coming out. Now I a am not the president of the Charli XCX fan club, in fact, I know only two songs, that “Boom Clap” song that’s catchy as fuck and the “Rollercoaster” song with Bleachers. So how do I know she has a new single titled “After the Afterparty” featuring Lil Yachty? I was scrolling through my Insta and saw a naked woman and I stopped everything because I am one pathetic fuck.

🇨🇳 💖 going to China brb 💖 🇨🇳

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Now that is what I call effective marketing.

I don’t think people would be so against home invasions if they all looked like the lovely Charli XCX.

You could tell Charli XCX was preparing to release new music with more and more provocative photos on her account.

💕❤️ Charli ❤️💕

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Guys are so easy to please.

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