Charlotte McKinney Doing A Full Backbend In A Pair Of Tiny Hot Pants Is All I Am Looking At Today

Charlotte McKinney knows how to get TV ratings.

As you may be aware, BroBible fave Charlotte McKinney is going to be on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

To say that got our attention and suddenly made us more than the previous 0% interested we were in watching before would be correct. It pretty much guaranteed we were going to watch at least one episode.

But now… now that I have seen this behind the scenes photo of Charlotte McKinney doing a full backbend in her tiny workout pants. Wow. I might actually watch multiple episodes. Keo Motsepe, whoever you are, you are one lucky man.

Here are some more behind the scenes pics of Charlotte and Keo that aren’t quite as sexy, but you might still find kind of interesting. I’ll just be over here looking at the top one for a little bit longer.