Does Chelsea Handler Keep Posting Topless Selfies On Twitter Because She Got A Boob Job? Let’s Investigate.

Do you like looking at topless photos of Chelsea Handler? Me neither. More power to her for not giving a shit and throwing around nips like candy canes from a strung-out elf on Christmas, but usually it’s not pretty. And yes, before you go and start arguing semantics “usually” = “always.” Chelsea is 40 years old and even though it doesn’t show too blatantly in her face, dem titties reportedly be startin’ to drag. According to US Magazine:

Chelsea Handler has an extra boost of confidence when it comes to freeing the nipple — the comedienne underwent a breast lift six months ago, a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The former E! host, who recently turned the big 4-0, had the surgery done because she was “stressed about looking saggy,” an insider tells Us.

Handler, who is known for oversharing on social media when it comes to her upper half, took the time to research doctors who could lessen scarring and she couldn’t be happier with the results.

But we all know that tabloids are the equivalent of public bathroom stall graffiti when it comes to accurate information, so what are we to believe? That Chelsea had her boobs done, or that her boobs are fake? Do we even care? I don’t. Do you? Probably not. But for the ~1.3 people out there who for some reason do, let’s go exploring!

Here’s Chelsea Handler back in 2013, which is way way longer back than 6 months ago (duh):



Those tits don’t look awful, do they? Now compare that rack to the boobs Chelsea’s been sporting lately:


Coupled with the fact that Chelsea went so far as to tweet about it…

…along with her newest topless photo where her boobs flop off to the sides of her body rather than sit perkily on top of her chest like fake ones do:

In my non-professional opinion, it looks like Chelsea wasn’t lying. She hasn’t had her boobs done.

US Magazine: 0, Chelsea Handler: 1.

[H/T US Magazine, images via Twitter, Shutterstock and Instagram]