Is This Video Of A Chinese Couple Boning In A Uniqlo Changing Room The Best Viral Marketing Stunt Of All-Time?

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Not according to clothing manufacturer Uniqlo, who would have you believe that a minute-long video of a couple doing it doggy-style in a changing room at one of their store in Beijing is not a modern advertising campaign.

They had this to say about the matter.

“As a responsible international brand, Uniqlo is dedicated to providing consumers with safe, comfortable and quality shopping experiences and locations. We would like to remind all customers to abide by society’s moral standard… and properly and appropriately use our fitting rooms.”

Of course, any major international brand worth its salt would deny a guerrilla marketing tactic like this.

Let me explain. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Uniqlo is a massive clothing brand based out of Japan that draws favorable comparisons to Target for its good quality clothes at a reasonable price.

In a Beijing Uniqlo this week, a couple fucked pretty good for a bit in a changing room then threw the romp online, a video you can find pretty easily by going to one of your favorite pornography sites (might I suggest Pornhub?) and typing in “Uniqlo.”

After the footage became widespread, sales at Uniqlos throughout China have skyrocketed. From CNN:

Some Chinese Internet users speculated the footage was a marketing ploy by Uniqlo, prompting the Japan-based company to issue a statement denying any involvement.

But the video did more than just turn heads online. On Wednesday evening, a steady stream of visitors took selfies outside Uniqlo’s flagship store in Beijing, a glass modernist building decorated with the company’s red logo.

All six of the customers CNN spoke with inside the store said they were browsing the aisles and looking for the infamous fitting room purely because of the sex video.

“I never heard of Uniqlo before the clip,” said a university student, shopping for printed T-shirts who asked only to be identified by his last name Zhang.

Go watch the video, then come back to the comments and tell me what you think. If it is a ploy, it’s a damn ballsy one, and I have to tip my hat.

It could also just be a couple of Chinese kids who really wanted to fuck somewhere public, film it, then let the whole world see.

Which makes more sense in 2015? I honestly don’t know. Police are investigating the matter.

[H/T Gawker]

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