Want To See Some CRAZY HOT New Pics Of Chrissy Teigen? Duh, There’s Only One Right Answer To That

One of our favorite human beings and kickass Twitter trolls, Chrissy Teigen, has been a very busy woman of late.

Not only is she now momming it up these days, she’s also still hard it on TV and doing her thing in the modeling world.

And by doing her thing I mean she recently did not one, but two super sexy photo shoots.

The first one, which you caught a little glimpse of above, was for Elle Australia and is simply gorgeous.

The second one is for something I haven’t figured out yet, but it required her to wear some sort of getup and do odd poses with her shirt unbuttoned. Weird? Yes. Sexy? No doubt.

Then there’s the last photo below. It’s just a random one that I came across that I thought was hot AF so I tossed in here. Figured you wouldn’t mind.

Check them all out below…




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