Chrissy Teigen Celebrated Her Friend’s 30th Birthday By Taking Off All Her Clothes, As One Does

Chrissy Teigen, as we all know, is (a) funny, (b) sexy, and (c) a little weird. Combine those three things and it’s pretty easy to see why we’re such big fans.

And while her Instagram account has been overwhelmed with family photos since she had her daughter, occasionally Teigen will still break out some of the good stuff.

Which is exactly what she did this weekend and fulfilled points a, b and c all in one fell swoop by sharing a photo of herself naked to celebrate her friend’s 30th birthday.

Sure, it is a rather odd thing to send someone on their birthday, but it’s typical Chrissy and like I said, why we are big fans…

Also, you have to love her husband John Legend’s shit-eating grin there. He’s one luckyass guy and he knows it (as is whoever took the photo).


So not fair.

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