Chrissy Teigen Just Had A Baby Three Weeks Ago And Already Looks Ridiculously Sexy

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Some people were just born to look good and one of those people is obviously Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen.

Now we obviously knew she was freaking gorgeous by the sheer number of times we have said so over the years, but damn, Chrissy, you just had a baby three weeks ago.

Look at this leg show Teigen was putting on during a recent family gathering captured on photo by her mom Vilailuck. Girl is rocking some seriously short shorts.

That ain’t right. Not that I am complaining because it’s damn good to have her back in post-baby mode. We do love us some Chrissy here.

And look at this pic her hubby John Legend shared the other day…

Too good.

By the way, here’s their little bundle of joy in case you hadn’t peeped her yet…

Chrissy is going to be such a cool mom.