Watch Singer Christina Milian Scream Out In Pain While Getting Her Butt Hole Waxed On TV

Christina Milian is best known as a singer and songwriter, but she’s also done quite a bit of acting over the years. She’s sexy and famous to have gotten herself a reality show on E!, Christina Milian Turned Up, and on that show she got her butt hole waxed.

This clip’s actually been around for a hot minute, but for whatever reason it’s only making the rounds now. In it you see Christina Milian on all fours, getting her chocolate starfish waxed, and writhing around in pain because it obviously hurts like hell to get your butthole waxed. This clip’s moderately NSFW, so make sure you know that before hitting play on the video…but you should’ve expected that on an articled titled ‘Christina Milian Gets Her Butt Hole Waxed’, because if an article like that isn’t at least moderately NSFW you got royally:

SHOCKER: getting the hair ripped off your butt hole via hot wax is painful! Who would’ve ever thunk that?

Also, I won’t pretend to be the world’s foremost expert on Christina Milian. I know the ‘celebrity’ version of her, but I know know what she’s like in real life. That said, this clip has me wondering what kind of person gets a reality show and thinks it’s a good idea to get their butt hole waxed just to boost ratings? Are there not better ways to boost ratings than getting the hair ripped off of your ass?…This is what I’m over here pondering…

Anyways, if you want to see Christina Milian get her nipples pierced there’s footage of that too:

Here’s Christina Milian Getting Her Nipple Pierced Because You Don’t See That Every Day

[h/t WorldStarHipHop]