Cody Bellinger’s Mom Jennifer Ended Up Being The Real Winner Of The 2017 MLB Home Run Derby

cody bellinger mom jennifer home run derby twitter

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The New York Yankees’ Bunyan-esque slugger Aaron Judge may have mashed and mashed and mashed his way to the 2017 MLB Home Run Derby crown…

But clearly the real winner of the event was the mom of budding 21-year-old Dodgers star Cody Bellinger, Jennifer Bellinger.

Oh sure, Judge may have launched a ball off the roof of the the Marlins’ stadium…

And he almost decapitated one of those kids chasing balls around in the outfield…

But thanks to this being 2017 where the world of social media rules I’d have to say that Jennifer Bellinger might have had an even better night than Judge did. That’s assuming that she doesn’t mind being called Ann Coulter’s doppelganger, that is. (Which, let’s be honest, she actually might. It is entirely plausible.)

So yeah, enjoy your 15 minutes of internet fame, Mrs. Bellinger. You, uh, earned it?

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