D.E.N.N.I.S. system…

Hello, first I’d like to introduce myself as Clit commando..YES..ok.

Second. To share my knowledge and grow from the knowledge of others.

The DENNIS system from its always sunny in philly. Many take this not seriously as it is a laugh at the time. BUT after a second glance, it has worked wonders. 

Demonstrate value–animals or babies work best. This is the tricky part.

Engage physically–easy after showing your tenderness.

Nurture dependence–Care for them, give them rides. But not overbearing.

Neglect emotionally–Slowly begin to ignore them and show less caring. Act depressed.

Inspire hope–Claim you was scared after a past relationship to love. You can’t hold off more.

Separate entirely–Easy as that, 50% of the time you will be able to simply swoop back in with the “scared from your last relationship” bullshit at any time.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or tweaks you might like to add onto this system