Bad News, Bros, Doutzen Kroes And Karlie Kloss Have BOTH Quit Victoria’s Secret

Sad day, folks. Not only did we learn that Karlie Kloss is leaving Victoria’s Secret so is one of her Angelmates Doutzen Kroes. Damn.

Doutzen Kroes I sort of get. She’s 30 years-old and has been with Victoria’s Secret since 2004 and an Angel since 2008. But Karlie Kloss? She’s just 22 years-old. What possible reason could she have? I bet her BFF Taylor Swift is behind this. Shame on you, T-Swizzle, if you are.

“Karlie is stepping down from her Angel duties,” a source close to the 22-year-old tells PEOPLE. “She’s got a busy but exciting year ahead and the decision came down to timing. She’ll be focusing on her modeling career, new business opportunities and NYU starting in the fall.”

Wait, what? She’s quitting an extremely lucrative job to go to college? To do what, so she can learn a trade? Hold the phone. There’s got to be more to this story. Oh look, there might actually be more to this story!

Karlie Kloss has stepped down as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and sources say the move was in part because of her relationship with boyfriend Joshua Kushner, whom she met at a 2012 Victoria’s Secret party.

A source told Page Six that the conservative Kushner, 29 — the successful entrepreneur behind a very private venture capital firm, and a scion of Kushner Properties — was involved with her decision not to continue being a VS lingerie model when her contract expired.

Of course another “source” says that reason is “total bullshit” so who the hell knows? Any reason for quitting Victoria’s Secret at age 22 seems dumb to me.

Doutzen Kroes is apparently leaving so she can work in Europe, and since she’s from the Netherlands I get that. Still, it’s the end of a couple of eras. (Can’t wait to see who they hire to replace them though.)

A small retrospective of the good times we had together…

I’ll miss you guys. *sniff*

Doutzen Kroes image by Anton Oparin/Shutterstock; Karlie Kloss image by Anton Oparin/Shutterstock