Remember Eliza Dushku? She’s On Vaca Looking Sexy As Hell In A Bikini

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Remember Eliza Dushku, the hot actress? Let me remind you of Eliza’s sultriness with a few videos and a question. What’s your favorite old school Eliza Dushku movie or TV show? (Please don’t say True Lies)

Bring It On

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

The New Guy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While all of those delightful appearances happened more than 12 years, Eliza is still bringing the hotness. Eliza Dushku turns 35-years-old on December 30th. The gorgeous Hollywood actress is on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

She’s drinking out of coconuts (Hopefully there’s some overly strong local rum in there).

She’s in the jungle wielding a machete looking like Lara Croft.

And wearing bikinis. Quite, quite well I might add.

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