Thor’s Smokeshow Wife, Spanish Model Elsa Pataky, Is Just Killing It In This Hot New Lingerie Video

Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s 38 year-old hot model wife, just had twins eight months ago. These are important facts to note because goddamn does she look sexy in this new lingerie video. (Thor really knows what he’s doing when comes to getting in shape.)

A couple of years ago I thought that Elsa Pataky was on the verge of superstardom. She’s got the looks – she’s a Spanish model, yo – and she was in some pretty big blockbuster movies, Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6. Her arrow seemed to be pointing up. Did I mention she’s a Spanish model?

However, what I didn’t realize then was that prior to those two films she had married Chris Hemsworth (who very few people knew at the time) and when that Thor money started rolling in a year later we suddenly didn’t get to see as much of her as I thought we would. At least we’ll get to see her again in Furious 7. Anyway, here she is in a towel and a bunch of lingerie looking hot, hot, hot.