Here’s Emily Ratajkowski Completely Naked Because What Else Would You Be Staring At During Class?


It’s Friday. You’re either stuck in an afternoon class hungover as balls or sitting at the office, also hungover as balls listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album…or maybe that’s just us here at BroBible. Some douchebucket won’t stop playing Mariah Carey over the office speakers and so we’re being subjected to alternating between Yeezy and Mariah. I kind of wanna kill myself…but I’m pretty sure JCamm would be pissed about having to find someone new to hire, and I’m nothing if not accommodating.

Oh look, “Mercy” just came on. Maybe I won’t kill myself after all.

And before I forget, here’s Emily Ratajkowski. She’s not wearing clothes. Hopefully your boss/TA doesn’t walk by and see what you’re looking at you lil’ pervert, you.


In case you scrolled by that really fast because idea of having your boss/TA realize you’re a pervert scared the shit out of you, here’s Emily wearing clothes…sorta. Underwear counts as clothing, right?

[Images via Instagram]