Emily Ratajkowski Drops Some Mesmerizing Cleavage In Behind The Scenes Video For ‘Cosmo’

emily ratajkowski cosmo


I kind of wish Gone Girl had done better over the weekend. If it had it definitely would have helped Emily Ratajkowski land even more movie roles. And more movie roles means doing more promotional things like looking red hot on red carpets and appearing on the covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan here.

emily ratajkowski cosmo video


Then again, I’m kind of torn. Maybe if this whole acting thing doesn’t work out that would be good too because then Emily Ratajkowski would have to get back to her roots of posing half-naked (or completely naked) for lingerie and bikini photo shoots. Man, knowing what you want in life can be so difficult at times.

(Fair warning: Emily does a LOT of talking in this video, but if you’re patient or just scroll ahead, like me, their’s good stuff to be found as you can clearly see from the screencaps above.)