Emily Ratajkowski (Now Going By Just ‘Emily R’) Did A Sexy Photo Shoot, Talked ‘Gone Girl’


Yahoo! Style

Emily Ratajkowski, who is set to appear in Gone Girl with Ben Affleck, recently sat down for an interview and did a photo shoot (below) with Yahoo! Style in which she talked about pretty much anything but “Blurred Lines” and Robin Thicke because she’s quite tired of always having to discuss it.


Yahoo! Style

What she DID mention, which comes as a bit of a surprise is that she is now officially going by the name Emily R. and not Emily Ratajkowski (yes, much like “Kendall“). Not sure I like that idea, nor do I think it will ever stick, but that’s what she says…

“When I was starting out in modeling, I got all kinds of little comments from people, and the question became, Do you change your last name? But I had a loyalty for my dad and never thought of changing it. There are a lot of supermodels with really difficult names to pronounce. People are figuring it out little by little. I just say the J is silent.”


Yahoo! Style

And as to what she enjoys more, acting or modeling? The answer is a little surprising…

“[Acting] is much more creatively fulfilling because you’re able to design a character, you’re in creative control, whereas on a shoot, it’s the photographer or the producers or the stylists making the decisions. On a film, you’re really responsible for your part, which is exciting.

Early on, I did a Nickelodeon show [iCarly], but I really didn’t like being a Disney and Nickelodeon girl. I didn’t relate to that at all. And I got tired of auditioning for “the bitchy girl” or, like, “the cheerleader.” But I came back around to acting again.”


Yahoo! Style

I, for one, hope Gone Girl is a big success, but not big enough that we’re forced to stop seeing her modeling lingerie and bikinis (especially when body paint is involved). Seeing her on the big screen will be nice, sure, but the modeling, that’s where we truly enjoy seeing her perform.

Click here for the full interview over at Yahoo! Style.

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