Emily Ratajkowski Got Topless To Sell Jewelry Because That’s Just Marketing 101, People

Almost a month ago to this day I shared a whole bunch of ridiculously sexy photos of Emily Ratajkowski in various stages of undress for a jewelry advertising campaign. If you haven’t seen them yet, I strongly urge you to do so when you’re done here.

At the time I said that the photos were really genius because once you (if you could) get past the fact that Ratajkowski was pretty much naked in a bunch of the photos there was really nothing else to look at other than the jewelry.

Then this week Emily went and dropped another smoking hot picture from the campaign (above) and it got me to looking around to see if there were even more. Turns out that was a wise move because DAMN, there were more, and they’re even better than before.

In fact, in one of them Ratajkowski actually even went full on topless showing one of her bewbs. Not sure where they are allowed to use that photo as advertising, but still, I like where their head is. Of course I can’t show you that pic here, and sadly it’s been somewhat censored thanks to Instagram’s policy on nipples, but you can check it out here if you want.

In the mean time, here are even more pics that weren’t included in the last roundup of this top-notch jewelry campaign that I shared. They’re pretty good too.




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