Emily Ratajkowski And Kim K Are Going Shirts Off, Boobs Out, Middle Fingers Up On Twitter And It’s Awesome

Emily Ratajkowski is currently going on a rant over on Twitter in support of how females express their sexuality and the freedom to express that sexuality. Emily Ratajkowski started her rant by sharing a photo of her and a friend standing topless in front of a mirror while throwing up their middle fingers. This is 100% a form of expression that we can all get on board with, right?

At the risk of editorializing this too much I’ll just let Emily Ratajkowski‘s tweets do the talking for me, but make sure to keep scrolling because I’ve pulled her best Instagram photos from the last few weeks and included them down below as well:

Oh, and apparently there’s some chick named Kim in that photo, I dunno.

This blog entry from Emily over on LennyLetter.com is what kicked off this string of tweets, and it’s a pretty good read from Em Rata about the importance of taking control of one’s own sexuality. So if you’re looking for a little empowerment you can click over to read that, but in the mean time let’s take a look at what Emily Ratajkowski’s been up to on Instagram recently:

AND she did a whole series of photos like the one you see below, you can click through to see that full set of nearly nudes by clicking RIGHT HERE: