Heavenly Emily Ratajkowski Walking Her Dog In Lingerie Proves That She Doesn’t Carry A Pooper Scooper


Sure this photo of mesmerizing Emily Ratajkowski walking a dog in her underwear is delightful. One problem. There’s no pooper scooper. She doesn’t even have a doggie doodie bag. Pretty fucking irresponsible if you ask me. Your pooch deposits a stink pickle on the street and you just saunter away in your undies and leave the pile of shit for some poor pedestrian to step in it? Fucked up. Unless she keeps her pooper scooper in her panties? Doesn’t seem like enough room. Unless she… No. You think she puts it where?

Well, here’s some more photos of the gorgeous Emily to gawk at that don’t cause one to ponder how she picks up dog shit.