Smokin’ Hot Chick From Miami Has The Proportions Of A Barbie Doll And Catches Nonstop Trophy Fish


Instagram / Emily Riemer

The only thing sexier than a woman who loves to fish is a blonde chick from Miami who spends all day every day filling out a bikini with the proportions of a Barbie Doll while catching trophy fish. If that statement seems extremely specific it’s because I’m talking about one woman in particular, Emily Riemer. With nearly 30k diehard followers on Instagram, Emily’s amassed that devout following thank (in part) to her nearly perfect hourglass figure and a non-stop stream of the most sought after game fish in the world.

She could be wearing pants, long sleeves, and a mask and I’d still follow her feed in IG just to see the ridiculous fish that Emily S. Riemer’s been catching, but she’s not covering up her body at all. In fact she’s sharing as many sexy bikini photos as possible (while holding fish), and for a born-and-raised Florida boy like myself this is the end-all-be-all of Instagram feeds.

Now before I hype up Emily Riemer’s Instagram too much let’s get to the photos and I’ll let the pics do the talking for me:

Like anyone with a substantial following on Instagram Emily Riemer’s capitalizing on her large social media audience, as she’s repping CaribeSUP (stand up paddleboards), Salt Armour, Oceanic Gear, and Liquid Ambition…or at least that’s what I’m left to assume from the mentions in her IG profile. So if any of those product lines of fishing/surfing/outdoors gear interest you I suggest doing Emily a favor and checking them out!