This Just In: Emma Watson Still A Certified Babe And 100% Total Dream Girlfriend Material


Getty Image

Isn’t Emma Watson dating some old dude now? And by “old dude” I mean a guy who is almost 10 years older than her, but still in his mid-thirties.

I thought I remembered reading that somewhere. He’s like a tech entrepreneur or something. I suppose they could have broken up and I just hadn’t heard about it yet. Eh, doesn’t really matter does it? Not a single of us ever had or will have a shot with someone like her.

At least she’s finally in a big movie again what with Beauty and the Beast coming out soon. She hasn’t exactly been slaying the box office since Harry Potter put away his magic wand.

Not that I plan on seeing the film in theaters, if at all. I am just glad the movie is a big one because that means she was obligated to do some publicity for it, which in turn means photo shoots like this one.

Of course, this being Emma Watson there’s no way it wouldn’t be done any way other than classy. That’s just how she rolls.

And that’s cool. We’ll take our Emma any way we can get her since we see so little of her on the big screen these days.