Emmanuelle Chriqui Posing In Just A Bra (And Without One) Is Almost TOO HOT

Emmanuelle Chriqui is one of those women we DEFINITELY do not get to see often enough. Why she isn’t in more movies, I’m thinking at least two a year, is a mystery that confounds me. Ever since Entourage went off the air we just haven’t been able to get our Emmanuelle Chriqui fix the way we’d like.

The last thing I saw her in that was really memorable to me was when she was dancing in her underwear for a Charles Perry music video almost two years ago.

Come to think of it I can’t recall a single movie that she’s been in over the past five years. Sure, she was on The Mentalist and some show called Cleaners, each for a short spell, but other than that she’s been doing a bunch of voice roles for cartoons.

This is not a body meant to be doing voice roles for cartoons.

And here’s a recent photo of Emmanuelle Chriqui NOT wearing a bra from a couple of weeks ago just because I love you guys.