ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Has Hot Takes About Booty And Sex

Thanks to the Internet (mostly The Big Lead and Deadspin) we now know Stephen A. Smith’s hot takes on sex and relationships. According to Deadspin, the clips below are from a show called Mingle City that was filmed in 2008 and features the ESPN blowhard and self proclaimed “booty leg and hip man” telling a story about a time when he ended a fight with his girlfriend because she wore lingerie that showed off her booty and all he wanted to do was have sex with her.

Here’s Stephen A’s take on how men shouldn’t sweat a women’s sexual history unless she’s a “straight up freak”.

A true man is not going to sweat what you did before he came along. He may have a problem with what you do after he’s gotten his hands on you, but before he came along he has no right to hold you accountable unless you were a straight up freak. You understand? If you were a prostitute or something that would be different, but baring that whatever you did before he came along he’s got to hand in his man card if he’s phased by that.

I would most definitely watch 30 minutes of Stephen A. talking about booty and sex every day

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