Farrah Abraham Accused Of Filming Sex Tape Without Her Partner’s Knowledge, Had Restraining Order Filed Against Her

Oh, Farrah Abraham. We knew you had at least a few crazy bones in you, but are you truly whacked out enough for something like this? I don’t know. Fame makes people hungry for attention, and while Farrah seems to view any publicity as being “good” publicity, that’s really not the case when it comes to court documents alleging that she secretly filmed a dude having sex with her and is now blackmailing him for cash over it.

What, that sex toy line not making the pretty penny you thought it would?

According to Mirror, Farrah was named in court documents as well as a restraining order filed by Jonathan Lee Riches back in March. The documents state that Riches and Farrah allegedly met at an Iowa Holiday Inn in 2012, which was where Farrah supposedly taped the pair goin’ at it:

“We made a sex tape. I was actually filmed without my consent by her and now Abraham is selling this illegal tape to the Adult Entertainment Industry for millions of dollars,” the documents reportedly state.

“If this sex tape gets released to the public it will embarrass me and I’m very scared because it will humiliate me and ruin my reputation and good character, because now I am religious and do lots of community service.”

It then goes on to claim he’s the father of her daughter Sophia, conceived when Abraham was underage.

It goes on: “Now Abraham tells me I have to pay her $1,000 a month in hush hush money not to expose our past relationship or she will call the police on me and press charges.”

As for Farrah, speaking to RadarOnline she said that the case made “no sense” and is “not true clearly.” “Everyone knows who Sophia’s dad is. No one knows who this guy is.”

Fair, fair argument. And considering that the case was reportedly dismissed later in March, it looks like this was just some crazy dude looking for attention…sort of like Farrah, but with a penis.

Okay Farrah, you win this time – albeit begrudgingly.

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