Farrah Abraham Either Beasted The Hell Out Of Some Squats Or Pumped A Gallon Of Silicon Into Her Butt, You Tell Me



As our booty-oriented investigative reporter Matt Keohan has already determined, Farrah Abraham (maybe) has butt implants…(maybe.) We can’t say she DOES because if we’re wrong we could get sued, but we also can’t say she DOESN’T because holy mother of god does it look like she (maybe) does.

Then again, maybe we’ve misjudged Farrah – it’s always possible that she’s been hitting the squat rack with such gusto that her butt has been able to increase tenfold while her quads have remained relatively the same size. It’s also possible that I’m not human, but a large and sentient hamster who has been able to fool people into thinking I’m a real person through my use of realistic wigs and pleated pants.

One is more likely than the other, obviously – but it’s up to YOU to decide which one that is, as JCamm would prefer us to not get sued. You, on the other hand? Fair game as far as he’s concerned:

The headlights, on the other hand, were definitely installed later, which we can legally say because Farrah likes to talk about her fake boobs: