Human Blowup Doll Farrah Abraham Is Looking To Buy Butt Implants Because Otherwise No One Will Pay Attention To Her

Let’s take a look at a screenshot of the most recent Farrah Abraham posts we’ve done here at

As you can see, 3 of our last 4 stories about Farrah have been about her shitty plastic surgery, and the 4th was about plastic molds of her butthole. I’m no expert on stuff like this, but it looks like Farrah is beginning to realize that people love reading about cruddy plastic surgeries gone wrong. I mean, look at her stupid lip injections:


Everyone loves to shit on Farrah, and yet that stupid tweet got over 2,000 retweets, plus multiple spots in stupid celebrity magazines PLUS interviews where she got paid to talk about the time her lip exploded to the size of a fucking pineapple. Girlfriend may look like a blowup doll, but she knows what sells.

Which, I’m going to assume, is why she’s “researching” getting butt implants. For some reason I doubt that Farrah knows what the word “research” means, but since she’s well aware of the definitions of “sex toys,” “butthole,” and “famewhore,” I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

“Yeah I [Farrah] am [considering butt implants]. I’m still doing research,” she told the stars of the talk show. “I’m more in the research phase. I don’t want anything that’s creating more problems.”

Via In Touch Weekly

If you don’t want anything that could potentially create more problems, then you wouldn’t be thinking about shoving silicone into your ass, duh. Like I said, she does it for the attention and we’re all just a bunch of nosy sheeple who keep eating it up. It’s like a car accident on the side of the highway; you don’t want to look, you know you shouldn’t look, but there’s no way in hell you’re not going to scan that wreck for at least a few severed limbs as you drive past.

[H/T In Touch Weekly, header image via Shutterstock]