If You Think Farrah Abraham Looks Hot In These Lingerie Photos Of Her At An ‘Art’ Exhibit We Can’t Be Friends Anymore

Here is a staged photo of Farrah Abraham. How do I know it’s staged? Because Farrah doesn’t seem to wear clothes in public aside from when she’s told they’re required by law. In any case, here’s Farrah:


Now here is Farrah at an…art exhibit? A masquerade? Your guess is as good as mine. Most art exhibits attract classy and cultured people who like to say pseud-intellectual things like “It evokes a wave of empathy from the depths of my soul,” rather than

But what do I know? Maybe Farrah was there giving information on how Picasso’s Rose Period is defined by a plethora of orange and pink colors in order to evoke a more cheery reaction from the viewer. Or, more likely, she was there wearing lingerie and doing…stuff. But mostly just wearing lingerie.

Oh wait! There’s some art!

…followed by more lingerie. Obviously.

Do you think she looks hot? Because if the answer is “Yes” then we can’t be friends anymore. Not that we were friends in the first place, of course, because I probably don’t know you…but still. No new friends for me!

[Images via Twitter]