Famed Author Farrah Abraham Releases Cover for New Erotic Thriller

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Farrah Abraham’s teenage dream ended, but her life as a literary icon is just beginning.

After releasing another “sex tape”—actually, let’s just call it by its proper name, “a porno”—and branching out into the music industry with the genre-defining song “Blowin,'” Abraham today released the cover of her third (3) book, Book One: In the Making, the first of a trilogy about a celebrity who makes a sex tape. Much like Dave Eggers bent reality to write his famed quasi-memoir, quasi-novel A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, so has Farrah Abraham decided to boldly knock literary conventions in her quest to find a greater truth.

Here’s the cover. The bubbles are a nice touch.


Following the sex book trilogy, the New York Times-bestselling writer plans to publish her very own Christian publishing book. (Her own rubberized vaginas are also still on the shelves.) Abraham told Amazon that she was inspired to share her sex tape story as an inspirational tale,  and she felt the need to get out three volumes worth of material before instructing new parents how to raise their kids the godly way.

“I was inspired to write a book about someone who went from being ‘normal’ to a reality star in the public eye. Book One: In the Making allowed me to explore my personal experiences over the last year while also branching out into fiction at the same time. Ellora’s Cave Publishing was the perfect fit for my first romance series because they celebrate women’s sexuality in a positive and healthy way. Starting the Celebrity Sex Tape series allowed me to transition my energy into a learning experience for me and my readers.”

 Somewhere a single tear runs down the face of an unpublished MFA student.

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