Farrah Abraham Speaks Out, Says She Was Drugged And Raped By James Deen


As more and more women come out with allegations of sexual assault against porn star James Deen, perhaps his highest-profile partner has broken her silence.

Farrah Abraham, who filmed a sex tape with Deen, spoke with the Daily Mail, accusing the adult film star of similar crimes.

Abraham, who had a “casual dating” relationship with Deen, says he drugged and assaulted her.

Farrah, who appeared on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, claimed in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online that Deen was ‘abusive, pushy and manipulative’ over several months in 2013 when they were casually dating.

The 24-year-old is the eighth woman to come forward over a week with accusations of rape and sexual assault against 29-year-old Deen, arguably the world’s most famous male porn star who was on the edge of a crossover to the mainstream.

Abraham says the first incident where she felt uncomfortable around Deen began in her hotel room when he tried to force himself upon her.

‘There’s one thing I’ll never forget. He picked me up at a hotel when I was staying and I was like, “Can you come to my room because I can’t get my dress shut.” It zipped in the back and I couldn’t reach it. He said, “Yeah sure.”

‘But he came in the room and he thought I wanted him to f*** me. He was trying to take off my dress rather than zip up my dress.’

‘That stuck in my mind, like wow, he must really be pushy with other women.’

This was prior to Abraham filming a video with Deen. In an unspecified incident whose date is unclear, Abraham says Deen drugged her prior to sex.

[After the tape went public] she told the magazine that she was a rape survivor. She never revealed the identity of who she claimed victimized her.

‘I was drugged and raped more than once. I allowed the type of people into my life,’ she said.

But for the first time this week, Farrah told Daily Mail Online that her alleged attacker was James Deen.

When asked directly if James Deen had raped her, she responded: ‘From my intensive therapy, yes. Under my doctor and everything that I’ve been through, that is what has gone on.’

Abraham said that she has been in therapy ever since, and that has helped her be able to speak about what happened.

She detailed how she has been left scarred, both physically and emotionally.

She said: ‘I had some bruises. I feel like he’s not aware of how his grips will be, how things will be, and other women have voiced this already

“He conspired what he did with me, this is the truth. The rape victims coming forward are telling the truth as well. They would have no reason to be lying or defamatory in what they’re saying.

‘I’m thankful that I have separated myself and gotten beyond how horrible, evil, abusive and a rapist James Deen is.

‘I’ve learned and I need to admit [what happened] – this was conspired, this was a form of rape.
‘I was drugged and manipulated. He’s a disgusting person.’

Abraham said she wanted to speak out to show support for all the other women who have accused Deen of rape.

‘Stoya, Tori, Ashley, Angel – all of these great women who are so strong and I’m so proud of them for coming forward and my solidarity is with them. I feel so bad for those women,’ she said.

You can read the entire interview here.

[Via The Daily Mail]