Incredible Fitness Model’s INTENSE Workout Regimen Transforms Her Derriere To One Of The Best In The Biz

Brittany Perille Yobe has over 730,000 followers on Instagram. Her social media account features so many motivational and ridiculously sexy videos of her sculpting her mesmerizing body at the gym.

But it’s not all about putting in the work at the gym.

Brittany wasn’t born with an amazing derriere, she worked hard for it.

While most girls will maintain that squats is the way to get a great ass, Brittany says her combination of ten exercises focused on her backside are the key, including barbell hip thrusts, which she can do with up to 315lbs.

Double your pleasure with the breathtakingly beautiful Brittany.

Triple your pleasure with the incredibly sexy Brittany.

Stretching is important.

Brittany must do a sit-up or two-thousand.

I should have gone to the gym today.