Gal Gadot Looked Like An Absolute Wonder Woman At The ‘Batman V Superman’ Premiere

As you can see, the beautiful and talented Gal Gadot somehow survived the criticism of idiots who said that her breasts weren’t big enough to play Wonder Woman to see the film through to completion.

Good for her, because from everything I have seen so far, which isn’t much, she might be the one character in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice that I am most excited to watch.

I’ve already seen Henry Cavill as Superman, not real thrilled about Ben Affleck as Batman, and Jesse Eisenburg comes off pretty meh to me as Lex Luthor in the trailers, so that leaves us with Wonder Woman. I’m most interested to see what, if any, backstory they give Wonder Woman as a lead-in to her own film coming down the pipeline in the next couple of years.

Tell me that isn’t more interesting than those other guys.

Anyhoo, like I mentioned, Gadot did make it through the film and as such she was at the New York premiere of the movie along with Amy Adams who we saw looking ridiculously sexy earlier today.

Gadot wasn’t looking too shabby in her own right, I might add, putting on quite a leg show for those lucky enough to be in attendance.