SI Swimsuit Model Genevieve Morton Is Sharing Hot Half-Naked Pics To Instagram Again

Genevieve Morton gets social media.

Genevieve Morton is once again showing why I have been stumping for her to get her own Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. Not only is she probably the longest-tenured current SI Swimsuit model, and has a SI Swimsuit South Africa cover to her credit, she’s easily the best SI Swimsuit model to follow on Instagram.

Hardly a week goes by in which she doesn’t share multiple super sexy photos, usually of herself in some form of undress. If all of those things aren’t criteria enough for her to get her own cover then I don’t know what to believe in anymore.

I mean, seriously, looks at these photos she’s shared over the past week and tell me Genevieve Morton doesn’t deserve her own cover. She’s the best! (Though I’m not totally clear on why she’s quoting Warren Buffett in the most recent photos.)