Girl In Bikini Takes Taser Like A Champ For Charity

by 4 years ago


Very confused by this video, which claims all the weirdos in the room donated $100 to charity to watch this girl in a bikini get tasered. For starters, no idea what the charity might be. Secondly… Uh… Aren’t there better ways to donate to charity that DO NOT involve having someone take a taser to the ass? Like, couldn’t you just give $100 dollar because you’re a decent person who believes in the cause? Call me old fashion, but I feel like you kinda have to be a sick fuck to only donate because you get the opportunity to see a girl in a bikini get a stun-gun to her back. Let’s be honest: That’s what these neanderthals paid for here.

“At least I know what what it feels like now…”

Cool story, bro?

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