Girl Finds New Use For Giant Dildo That’ll Have Every Bro Running To Buy One For Himself (Hint: It’ll Fix Your Car)

Apparently dildos can be used for more than ramming up your vagina, as the girl in the above video figured out that the suction cup at the end of her plastic dong could be used to take the dents out of her car. Not quite sure you’d want to be caught doing this in public, as repeatedly sticking and ripping off a dildo on your car in broad daylight will make any passerby think you’re in dire need of a therapist, but to each their own. If you’ve got the balls and strong enough of a “don’t care” attitude, who am I to judge?

Quick protip though: heat up the dented areas on your car with a hair dryer before trying to use a dildo (or if you don’t have a dildo, maybe try a plunger) to suck the frame back into shape. It helps soften the metal so that it’s more likely to ply to your will.

And if using dildos to fix your car doesn’t sound like fun, then watching this dildo fishing prank will put a smile back on your face: