Anorexic Girl Says Being A Webcam Model Helped Her Beat Disease (And It Doesn’t Hurt That She Makes $67K A Year)

21-year-old Jayme Jones was once only 98 pounds, putting her at a dangerously low BMI of 17.4. Able to fit into clothes intended for children, it wasn’t until Jayme decided to try out being a webcam model in June 2015 that she was able to overcome her anorexia. “Being a cam girl has helped me find my body confidence and overcome my eating disorder,” she told Mirror, “Online I get showered in compliments, but in your day to day life that would never happen.”

It all began in 2013 when, at 18 years old, she decided she wanted to become a model. “I thought I was fat,” she explains, “so I started completely cutting out meals. I would skip all meals for two or three days. If I ever did have to eat a meal because someone foced me I would just cry, and then vomit it back up later.” Within the year Jayme’s weight had dropped from 154 lbs. to a rail-thin 98 lbs.

Since she started camming, however, Jayme says she’s found the body confidence to allow her to put on weight without feeling any guilt or disgust towards herself. “When I was anorexic I wanted to be a model. But since camming, I don’t mind the extra weight. I feel sexy.” Ditching her job as a phone salesperson, Jayme bought an HD camera and set up a studio of sorts in her spare room. Since ditching her retail job, she now makes around $67,700 a year and hasn’t looked back. “I have the confidence to push my boobs together and tell men I’ve done stuff I would never do in real life. The money is so good I would delay doing other things in my life like having a baby,” she explains.

Jayme now hopes to one day own her own webcam business, but until that day comes she continues to both promote herself on Instagram and make more in a year than most other millennials her age:

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