Halle Berry Joined Instagram With A ‘Topless’ Pic That Has People Bugging Out But I Don’t Get The Hype

I think Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful actresses of my lifetime. That time she busted out her voluptuous chesticles in Swordfish was awesome. Seriously, nobody saw that gratuitous inclusion of Halle Berry boobies coming, and in hindsight we’d all have probably ripped Swordfish to shreds for having a thin plot (it had some badass action scenes though).

Enough about Halle Berry‘s acting in the early oughts, what happened yesterday that’s making headlines across the entertainment world is: Halle Berry officially joined Instagram. And Halle Berry Joined Instagram ‘boobs out’, seriously. She’s topless but she’s pointing her boobs in a direction that makes it physically impossible for all of us to see, which isn’t cool at all. I should also mention that she joined Twitter.

Seriously, people are bugging out over this photo. Maxim wrote ‘Halle Berry joined Instagram with the most seductive photo you’ll see today’ which is 100% false. E! wrote ‘Halle Berry Goes Topless in Her First Instagram Post and Needless to Say… Stunning’ which I’d only consider ‘moderate to severe’ clickbait, but it’s pretty f’ing bad.

Everyone on the Internet seems to be bugging out over Halle Berry’s first Instagram and for the life of me I cannot figure out why, but I’ll let you bros be the judge:

Sure, there’s some potential here. Halle Berry came out boobs-a-swingin’ and I think that sets a good precedent for the future of her Instagram feed. But nobody should be freaking out over this pic at all, it’s just not that great compared to what else is out there on Instagram. Just yesterday I posted these absolutely gorgeous body paint photos of Nina Agdal on Instagram. If you want to see something sexy AF check that out.

Btw, here’s the Nina Agdal bikini pic that led me to her sexy body paint:

Now THAT is what I’d like to see on Halle Berry’s feed.

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