Hilary Duff Did Some Hiking On The Beach Wearing A Sexy Little Bikini And We Love Her For It

Hilary Duff and her boyfriend have apparently gotten over being destroyed on Twitter for their insensitive Halloween costumes. That or they headed to Mexico this weekend to avoid it. Either way it all works out well for us.

As you saw yesterday, Hilary did a little spearfishing down Mexico way, rocking a sexy bikini, which of course she shared a little taste of on her always fun Snapchat account.

But she wasn’t done there. No, sir. Hilary also decided to do a little beach-combing and hiking with her (ugh) boyfriend. Looks like they were on sort of scavenger hunt or something. Not that it matters. All the matters is that she did it in that bikini she shared with us on Snap.

Here’s to hoping that this is a very long vacation for the couple.




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