Golf Hottie Holly Sonders Worked Out, Hit Some Balls, Did A Photo Shoot

holly sonders photo shoot

Golf Digest

Holly Sonders is our favorite reason to watch golf.

While we wait impatiently for one the hottest women in golf (official title), Holly Sonders, to make another appearance on golf coverage for Fox Sports (we already saw her once on FS1 at The Masters), Golf Digest was nice enough to put together these little videos to tide us over.

holly sonders workout

Golf Digest

In the first video we get to see just how Holly Sonders keeps her shape golf-ready as she hits the gym, then takes her cute short skirt to the driving range, and then closes with a look at her partaking in a sexy little photo shoot. Basically a day in the life of one very sexy, talented, athletic woman.

This second video sees Holly Sonders still in her photo shoot outfit where she talks about her move over to Fox Sports. It’s actually interesting stuff too. There’s an Arnold Palmer story!

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