Smoking Hot Hooters Waitress Gets Stiffed By Tennessee State Representative Who Left No Tip

If a politician had not left a tip to a fella working at a Tallywackers (Which is Hooters for women that features an all-male staff, don’t ask how I know this) I probably wouldn’t have covered it and help raise awareness about their plight to the public. But I guess you could say I’m a feminist (Or a hypocrite) of sorts because here I am bringing a spotlight to the injustice towards Amanda Anderson.

For some odd reason, Amanda’s deplorable story was really compelling to me.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about Amanda that filled me up with emotion.

When I heard that a Tennessee lawmaker stiffed a Nashville Hooters waitress by leaving no tip for the lovely Amanda, it really touched me.

Instead of leaving even 10 percent gratuity, Republican state Rep. Mary Littleton simply wrote “sorry” on the receipt instead. The audacity.

The $36 bill was shared on Twitter and exposed the cheapskate lawmaker.

“State representatives are supposed to exhibit class and integrity … this one acted like a child,” Anderson wrote on Facebook.

Littleton claimed that Anderson’s service didn’t merit any tips, but she did regret writing “sorry” rather than speaking to a Hooters manager.

“It is unfortunate that my private note to the server regarding the quality of service in this instance was made public,” Littleton said. “As the mother of someone who has been a server, I know that servers have difficult and demanding jobs and, as such, it is has always been especially important to me that I make sure to tip generously when I receive good service.”

The Nashville Scene reports, “Littleton gets a daily spending allowance of $204 courtesy of the taxpayers.” Even 10 percent of Littleton’s tab would’ve been a measly three bucks and change. Meanwhile, the base minimum wage for servers in Tennessee like my poor Amanda is only $2.13 an hour, and must depend on tips to survive.

We can’t have politicians just taking advantage of regular folks like me and Amanda.