ACHTUNG! You’ll Be Committing So Many Crimes After You See This Smoking Hot German Police Officer

Do you have a fantasy of being arrested by a hot female cop? Do you love it when sexy chicks do the police officer cosplay for Halloween? Did you instantly put your hands behind your back, ready to be handcuffed when the strippers dressed as cops busted up your bro’s bachelor party? Well today is your lucky day! No make-believe, we have an actual super hot cop for you today!

Meet the scintillating Adrienne Koleszar. Not only is she a fitness model, but she is also a policewoman. The amazing Koeszar hails from Germany and boasts and incredible body.

The 5-foot-6-inches tall 31-year-old model flaunts 140-lbs of toned, sexy dreaminess. She gets her fit body by working out five times a week, and she was a participant in the Bodybuilding-WM in 2015 in the bikini class.

There is one problem with Adrienne though.

She is in a relationship anyway with a professional swimmer and athlete who is 28 years old, and over 6 feet tall.


Sprechen sie deutsch? Then head on over to the alluring Adrienne’s YouTube channel where she shares fitness tips and low-calorie recipes. Even if you don’t speak German head over there, I only know the word “Prosit” and watched seven videos.

Girl, are you a taser? Cause you’re stunning.

Baby, charges aren’t the only thing you can press against me.

Are you a speeding ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.

Adrienne, if being in love with you was a crime, than prosecute me to the fullest.

“Spread’em'” never sounded so sexy.

Looks like you’ve already made a big bust.

You broke the law, the laws of attraction.

If you need to plant evidence on me, please feel free.

I’m willing to help you do some undercover work.

We can go back to my place, I have my own cuffs.

I’m hoping that your police cruiser isn’t the only thing that you’ll be flashing.

Want to play “Good Cop/Bad Cop?”

N.W.A.’s “Fuck Tha Police” has so much more of a sexy vibe when looking at this extraordinary cop.