Hottest Mayoral Candidate Ever Has Striptease Video Leaked Days Before Election



We are just gearing up for over a year of presidential campaigning in the United States and there are a variety of interesting candidates. Some are even embroiled in controversy, but none of the U.S. candidates have a risqué scandal such as Valeria Prokopenko, and that’s probably for the better.

Valeria is a gorgeous 21-year-old unemployed law graduate who is running to be mayor of the Ukrainian city of Odessa. With only days before the elections on Sunday, it appears that a rival candidate leaked Prokopenko’s seductive striptease video to damage her credibility. Which to be honest, if you’re a political candidate intimidated by an unemployed 21-year-old, then maybe you should work on yourself or quit politics all together. It’s also possible that the lovely Valeria maybe “leaked” her own video to promote herself, which seemed to have worked perfectly if that is the case.

The scintillating video shows the hottest mayoral candidate of all-time writhing around on a bed and pouting seductively as she puts on makeup. She’s got my vote.

This is the only politician who’d I would follow through the gates of Hell.

Prokopenko responded to controversy by explaining that he video was made for an application for the “Miss Olymp” beauty contest, and she never intended the footage to be seen by the public. I think Vladimir Putin has already named Prokopenko as his Minister for Internal Affairs.

I like that she’s very hands-on.

Please don’t let there be a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump striptease video leaked. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!