Dolph Lundgren Has A 20-Year-Old Daughter Who Kicks Ass And Looks Hot In A Bikini? Yes, He Does

Of course, Dolph Lundgren has a sexy 20-year-old daughter who kicks ass and is also a model named Ida Lundgren. Because why wouldn’t he? Dude has always been full of surprises.

I mean, once we found out that the giant of a man who seems to always play the big dolt in movies has a master’s degree in chemical engineering all bets were off.

Hell, the guy was once even awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT so this revelation is pretty minor.

As for his daughter Ida, not only is she gorgeous, she’s also friends with JCVD’s awesome sexy and badass daughter Bianca Van Damme, because of course she is, and she isn’t afraid to throw hands a little bit just like her pops. From the looks of things, she too, will “break you.”

These two really need to be in their own movie together, pronto.

Unlike her dad, Ida hasn’t done much acting yet, only appearing in one of her father’s films, Command Performance, way back in 2009, but she has done a little modeling, which she is very good at, as you will see.