I Have Seen Heaven And It Is The Instagram Of Stunning Leanna Bartlett (21 Pics)

Lovely Leanna Bartlett has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and for very, very, very good reason.

For one, she looks like this.

That one reason is really more than enough.


You have these beautiful shelves and then you stack your books like that? Pretty counterproductive if you ask me.

Black & White photos are artsy.


I sure hope Leanna uses a repellent with a high level of picaridin in it to keep the Zika mosquitos away.




I loathe that towel.

I should have gone to the beach today.


Maybe I should have gone to the pool.

It appears that the lovely Leanna forgot to wear a bra and I’m okay with that.

Always get a microfiber couch because they are more stain resistant.

Nice tit window lady.